Is Freediving a Sport

What is freediving? Freediving is a form of underwater diving that relies on a diver’s ability to hold their breath instead of using a breathing apparatus. This type of diving is also referred to as breath-hold diving or apnea diving. The sport of freediving can be divided into two main disciplines: competitive freediving and recreation

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Women in Freediving

Women in Freediving – An Introduction More and more women are taking up freediving, and they are increasingly becoming involved in all aspects of the sport, from recreational diving to competitive freediving. There are many reasons why women are drawn to freediving. For some, it is the challenge of pushing themselves to their physical and

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Hook Breathing Technique

What is the Hook Breathing Technique? The Hook Breath, or Thoracic Breathing, is a breathing technique that engages the entire respiratory system by using the diaphragm to inhale and the thoracic cage to exhale. This type of breathing typically results in a slower and deeper breath, which can be beneficial for overall health. Additionally, this

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The Dive Flag